playing is learning


The games promote evolution in the child, maximizing their potential for psychological, intellectual, emotional, motor and social development. The children explore the way in which they move, express their emotions, and get to know themselves.

Each activity or exercise awakens the interest of the child, increasing their capacity for attention and self control. The child utilizes distinct strategies to resolve the situations that arise. We can observe how the child develops their logical and creative thoughts to achieve their individual objectives. The targets that the child has already reached are points of reference from which to acquire new, more complex abilities.

The games also help to liberate the children of the fears that they frequently experience when their parents leave them for a few hours, in which they worry that they will never see them again. Doing this in a controlled environment when they know that nothing bad will happen to them helps them to get over these fears more quickly.

Each game fulfills a purpose at Great for Kids. We select games suitable for each individual’s needs in our distinctive Early Bilingual Stimulation groups for children from 3 to 36 months accompanied by their caretakers.



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