Great for Kids is a child development center  that specializes in educating children 3 months to 13 years old using an innovative method based on learning through games and the application of multi-dimensional activities. All of their professors are native English speakers and are trained by a staff of educators.

They specialize in ¨Stimulation and English for Babies¨ from 3 months to 3 year (English and Baby Gym) which augments the intellectual and physical development of babies through English instruction in a natural manner.

For children 3 and above they offer ¨Playtime¨ consisting of dynamic activities in which children participate and learn effortlessly in an easy, effective manner.

It is located in the Arturo Soria neighborhood – near Parque del Conde de Orgaz







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  • Responsible for the Early Bilingual Stimulation program
  • Psychologist. Member of the Professional Association of Psychologists number: M 20473
  • Experience with infancy 

It is a pleasure to briefly introduce myself, and explain why I am part of this education project to put at the disposition of children the training and experience that has enriched me as a person, as a mother and as a professional. On a personal level, I have always had a burning passion for children and for psychology, so it was easy for me to drive my professional life in this direction and to put my psychology degree to a great cause.

I have had the great opportunity to live in Spain, the United States and France during my academic training, so that I am able to apply knowledge and learning techniques that are used in other countries. The birth of my children has also inspired me to become part of the University of Parents, a teaching project created by Jose Antonio Maria based on the “education for talents,” to accompany fathers and mothers in the education process and help them discover and develop their children’s capacities to the fullest to make them happy and responsible.It has been a great help to have some key guidelines with which to educate my own children, and to know the importance of the first years of life in the education process, both for physical and psychological development and for the learning of various languages.

For this reason, I encouraged my own children to get in contact with other languages from birth, and now I am able to enjoy listening to them speak English in a natural way while they play. For me it is very rewarding to put my training and experience at the disposition of Great for Kids to invite other children to discover their innate abilities, to learn English, and to grow happily while they acquire useful tools.





  • Responsible for the Program for Learning Difficulties. 
  • Psychologist 
  • Masters in specific learning difficulties: dyslexia and difficulties in literacy development

I am the mother of two children. I have experienced first hand what it is like to have a child with leaning disabilities, and I share the anguish and frustration that this causes other parents in the same situation. Fortunately, from a personal and professional point of view, I know that it is possible to overcome these difficulties. Currently, after three years of intervention, my dyslexic child is able to read well, attend school happily, and achieve academic objectives without any problems. The possibility to help children to improve their abilities, overcome obstacles, and strengthen their self-esteem is what sincerely moves me.

 I am convinced that all children have enormous potential and capacities that they can discover and develop to help them to successfully face their present and future. Great for Kids offers, to both parents and children, the opportunity to attain the necessary elements for intellectual, social, and emotional growth. As a psychologist and a mother, this provides me with an enormous satisfaction.”




Silvia Campos Soler   

  • Psychodiagnosis and psychotherapy.
  • Psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and pedagogy. 
  • Professor at the Alfonso X el Sabio University. 
  • Experience with infancy and adolescence.




Our team also includes several young native English-speaking teachers





Our TEAM OF PSYCHOLOGISTS offers and is specialized in:



Early Stimulation through groups of playing games and doing activities in English and Spanish with infants between 3 and 36 months accompanied by their parents.


Psychopedagogical assistance in the difficulties of Literacy and Dyslexia. (Only available in Spanish at this time but, please contact us for a referral for your English speaking needs)


Teaching English in a natural way and the creative development of children starting at age 4.


Homework Club, applying study techniques and learning methods to improve the personal and academic evolution of your child. (Only available in Spanish at this time but, please contact us for a referral for your English speaking needs)



Workshops for parents


We also have an ADDITIONAL NETWORK OF EXPERTS specializing in:

Dr. Silvia Campos Soler

Dr. Gonzalo de Casso

Dr. Fernando Torres Ysern
Psychologist y Coach

Dr. Antonio Peláz



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